Choosing the right colours is a key factor to having the perfect branding that suits you and your company.

Here's some useful tips to choosing the right colours when you're creating your branding identity


You need colours that not only compliment your product/service but also make you recognisable from other companies/competitors.

Choosing the right colours is tough, we know! But once you have it nailed, your branding will stand out a mile from the rest. When choosing your colours, try and stay away from the mega bright colours that are actually quite unbearable to look at. This may put people off, which you don’t want! You ideally want colours that are soft on the eye and easy to look at but are still very visible and stand out.

A good idea is to have one main colour which is used throughout your branding/marketing and then have a couple complimentary colours that can be used alongside that main colour. The reasoning for this is so when people see that main colour, they associate it with your branding which gets them thinking about your product/service.

If you have a load of different colours and different shades of one colour, then people won’t recognise it and won’t associate it with your company.

Have a look below at some colour combinations that are featured on our Instagram that highlight some amazing colours that would be perfect for branding, depending on your product/service of course.

Bright Night Sky

Star colour combination


Tropical Colours

Parrot colour combination


Fun and Cheerful

Macaroon colour combination


Deep Sunset

Sunset colour combination


Washed Blues

WashedBlue colour combination


Jungle Waterfall

Waterfall colour combination


Dark Space

Space colour combination


Cool & Crisp Blues

Snow colour combination


Nature Green & Brown

Monkey colour combination


Meadow Greens

Greens colour combination


Soft Pinks & Purples

Flower colour combination


A Pink Tinge

Flamingo colour combination


Colourful Splash

Coloursplash colour combination