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Improve your brand recognition and freshen up your image.

Help make your business stand out and become recognised across all online platforms by letting us give your business a makeover, giving you that all important competitive advantage.

Take a look at some recent logo designs that we have completed.

Getting it right...

Having an eye catching, professional looking logo and branding is of great importance to your business, especially when marketing online – you should be proud of your logo and how it represents your company.

Designing a logo can be one of the toughest jobs for a graphic designer as it's often a task which involves so many design variables and marketing ideologies.

A logo has a core purpose - it needs to act as a sign between the business and the consumer. This sign needs to be clear, to the point and instantly recognisable in whatever format it is presented.

Be Seen

We all recognise a good logo, but do we recognise a 'not so good' logo?

It's important to think about what style of logo will work best with your business. Are you a high-end technology business that needs a sharp edge to its branding, or are you the local bakery that would work best with a country style approach to the design?

Whatever logo design you have, it's got to be one that will get noticed and be remembered.

Example Logo Designs

WSC logo 1

UCNS logo 1

melanie curtis


okb racing

tadley transmisions

always flourishing




southern stoves


tadley engineering



charlotte rhodes

crew green

hey thats my book


my dream closet

orchard plumbing