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We offer a range of graphic design services for print which complement your digital media and company brand.

Business Cards

A custom design really does make your business card - and therefore you and your business - stand out from the rest. What better way to help promote your new corporate style and website than with a beautiful new business card you can be confident reflects your business image.

Dolia Design can handle the design for your business cards, as well as the printing and delivering.

Flyers & Ads

Flyers and mailshots are a good way of promoting your business and advertising your new website. It is important to have the right design and to incorporate design elements of your website and other marketing materials. Dolia Design can design flyers of all sizes to match your business brand, ensuring that the message you want to give positively reflects your business image.

The team at Dolia Design also handle the design for other forms of advertising, such as magazine advertising and online banner graphics. Please get in touch for more information.


Although digital media is king these days, there is still an important part to play in print media – especially in the form of a nice glossy brochure. Sometimes there is nothing more powerful to help make a sale than a classy brochure with great imagery and branding.

We feel that having good quality print material that complements other digital media is an important part of promoting products and services.


Example Graphic Designs


mca brochure 1

njc brochure 1

njc brochure 2

lyfinity brochure 1

Crown welcome pack


fusion brochure 1

Lyfinity leaflet

Business Cards

Dolia BC


Fusion BC


Lyfinity Poster

MCA Report cover

Crown crane notice

Crown leaflet

Berkeley handouts