The Jolly Good Food Company

The Jolly Good Food Company

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Bringing a fresh new British start-up to life, offering some of the finest British produce at events throughout the UK.


As a new start-up, The Jolly Good Food Co. approached Dolia Design for some ideas and inspiration to kick-start their exciting new culinary voyage. Like their food – they needed something fresh, honest and exciting to attract their target market.


We knew that people eat with their eyes, so it was all about high-impact and mouth-watering visuals for this site, with some carefully selected photography. Overall the design of the site needed to be professional and smart yet have an earthy, natural tone to it. We combined great imagery with relaxed typography and styling to achieve the perfect look for the new business.


Since launching the site, The Jolly Good Food Co. have been able to book themselves in to some awesome events across the UK in the summer, and have begun to build up a good following and online audience.




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