Creating a new website for a top Berkshire school

Business Category: Educational

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Crosfields School approached us with a dated website that needed a major re-vamp to bring the school's online marketing presence in-line with their excellent academic offerings and school community. It was important that the school is well positioned online to compete against competition schools in the area. An important part of the development was functionality including a fully responsive platform for web users.


We worked with the school's in-house marketing department to discuss the key requirements on the site in terms of functionality, design and target audience. It was clear that the website had two key tasks; to attract more students to the school and to also act as a powerful resource for current students and their parents.


The new website is a great success - not just in how the site looks but how the website interacts with the different users it has. The site is packed full of functionality to help the school streamline internal processes such as school trip bookings, parent evening registrations, activities session booking, swimming lesson booking, photo galleries and much more!