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01 May

Achieving Early Results with SEO

You may have already seen from our previous blog post ‘The Impact of SEO Over Time’ that it can take quite some time to truly see the benefits of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). However, it’s surprising how quickly you can start to see the results. In just three months, we were able to make some good progress with the SEO on the Adam Vetere Landscape & Garden Design website. In this article, we will be sharing some of the initial results and how we achieved these.

Keyword Rankings

One of the first places where we saw positive signs of improvement was in the website's keyword rankings.

Before starting work on the website, it was ranking at position 51+, quite far down in Google Search results, for almost all of the keywords we identified. 

Rankings as of 27/01/20

pos. 51+ – garden designer basingstoke
pos. 51+ – garden designer reading
pos. 51+ – garden designer newbury

Rankings as of 27/04/20

pos. 2 – garden designer basingstoke
pos. 7 – garden designer reading
pos. 8 – garden designer newbury

However, as you can see above, we have been able to improve the Adam Vetere website's rankings over this short time period. It is now appearing on page one of Google, whereas before it was ranking on page five and below.

We created landing pages for the keywords that the client wanted to focus on, helping to bump up their rankings much quicker. The results we achieved demonstrate how effective this SEO strategy can be.

User Engagement

We have seen an overall improvement in user engagement in the three months that we have been working on the SEO of the Adam Vetere site.

When comparing the average number of pages visited in the last three months of 2019 and the first three months of 2020, it has more than doubled. In addition to this, the average amount of time that visitors spent on the website has seen a good increase overall.

User Engagement

The SEO work has also had an impact on the bounce rate. This has decreased overall, as we can see from the graph above. There was an increase in the bounce rate in February due to an influx of visitors from Google Ads, but this has now leveled at 51%.

These improvements in user engagement may have been due in part to our addition of 'Services' pages to the website, which describe Adam Vetere's services in detail and contain a good amount of content for website visitors to read through. Generally, the more content you have on your website, the more time that visitors are likely to spend reading it and clicking on pages which give information about the product or service that they are interested in.

Website Traffic

Another area where we were able to see some good initial results was in the website traffic, particularly organic Google traffic.

Organic Google Traffic AV

The above graph shows that organic traffic has seen some good increases over the past six months, reaching new heights this April. Comparing November to April, there has been a 276% increase, meaning organic Google traffic has almost tripled!

Total Visitors AV

The total number of visitors to the website has increased in recent months too, with traffic at its highest in April. This is largely due to increases in paid traffic from Google Ads, as well as increases in organic Google traffic.

One of the techniques we used to optimise the website and help improve organic Google traffic was keyword mapping. This meant that keywords were mapped to specific pages on the site and added to the content, ensuring that the website had the best chance of ranking well.

How did we achieve this?

Whilst these initial results are good, they are still subject to change and will hopefully improve with time. As mentioned previously, it can take years to truly see the positive impact of SEO work, but thanks to a few simple tasks, we were able to see early results.

To summarise, some of the key tasks we carried out were:

  • Created new web pages with content on Adam Vetere’s services
  • Created landing pages for ‘garden designer’ locational keywords
  • Developed stronger content, optimised with keywords

Adam Vetere site mockup

There seems to be a common theme here: all of the tasks are related to the website content. Content is key for your SEO and Digital Marketing! The results we achieved for Adam Vetere are a testament to the importance of having a good amount of search engine friendly content on your website.

Although SEO is and will always be a long-term gain, initial results can show quite quickly. Good results aren’t guaranteed however, as there are a number of other factors that can affect where you are ranking in Google searches and how visitors engage with your website. Despite this, it’s worth persevering with SEO so that you can monitor the progress over time and enjoy the results in the long term.


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