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24 May

Ask Matt: Google Ads

In this new blog series, we’ll be answering some frequently asked questions about various different marketing tools and platforms, starting with Google Ads. If you haven’t heard of Google Ads, here’s a quick definition to get you up to speed.

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that allows you to create targeted advertisements which appear in Google Search results and on partner websites. This can help to drive more traffic to your website and increase the number of leads and conversions your business receives.

If you have heard of Google Ads, have you ever considered using them?

Maybe you’ve heard of Google Ads, but you’re not exactly sure how it works, or you don’t know if it’s worth it… Either way, you’re bound to have some questions. We’ve asked Managing Director of Dolia, Matt O’Byrne, to provide his expertise and answer some common questions on the topic.

1. How does Google Ads work?

Well, that’s a great question to start things off!

Google Ads is actually a very large and complex advertising platform that has come a very long way from originally launching back in 2000 as ‘Google Ad Words’.

OK, let’s focus on the basics: how Google Ad Words started all those years ago.

Ask Matt Google Ads 1

When a search is performed on Google, a results page is returned. On this page, are lots of relevant links that the user can click through to and (hopefully) find what they are looking for.

Search result pages differ a lot depending on many variables, but generally speaking, you’ll see Ads displayed at the top of the results page and then 10 ‘organic’ listings with another couple of Ads shown at the bottom of the page.

Ads  are shown because a business has paid for their Ad to show when a certain keyword is searched.

For example, someone searches for ‘Candy Floss’ and an Ad appears at the top of the search results page for Candy Floss and other related products such as Machines:

Google Ads Candy Floss Search

Ads are shown depending on a number of variables but a key variable is the bid value for a ‘click’ from that keyword.

Keywords all cost money and this varies depending on the competition of that keyword. Generally speaking, the more popular the keyword, the higher the bid amount is going to be.

But, that only scratches the surface on what Google Ads is. We will explore more in future Blogs and start to really unwrap what Google Ads has to offer!

2. How much does Google Ads cost? Isn’t it expensive?

It depends.

Google Ads can be expensive if your campaign is not well managed. Wasting money on Google Ads is very easy indeed so it's really important to understand how Google Ads works before you start.

We’ve had a lot of clients come to us after a bad experience of Google Ads, with the way in which the campaign was set up and managed often being the main cause of their issues with the platform.

It is really important to measure results.

Measuring the results will allow you to understand what the overall ROI is and then give you an idea on how expensive it is (or isn’t).

3. What’s the difference between Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google Ads?

Good question.

So, earlier I referred to the ‘organic’ listings that you see on a search results page. These appear not because someone has paid for an Ad, but because Google has decided to present the link within the results as it is relevant to the user’s search criteria.

Ask Matt Google Ads 3

SEO helps websites rank well in search results, getting them appearing on the search pages as high up as possible.

The key difference is that Google Ads is a paid service to get your website showing on search pages, quickly. But, as soon as you stop paying, your Ad goes. However, with SEO, once you get some good rankings, you’ll be able to maintain them. SEO is a longer-term strategy but often brings the best quality of visitor to your site and can be much cheaper than Google Ads (in the long-run)!

4. What results can I achieve for my business with Google Ads?

This will depend on what your business does and who it sells to. The breadth of advertising channels embedded in Google Ads these days is vast, so it’ll be possible to use Google Ads in some way for your business, whatever it is you do. The trick is to choose the best tools carefully and know what you are doing.

Results can vary depending on what you are looking to achieve from your campaign and the budget you have. The bigger the budget, the more you’ll get from Google Ads, but the results need to be sustainable so a positive correlation between budget and sales must be met.

We find that clients often use Google Ads to drive additional traffic to their website alongside other marketing channels such as SEO, Email Marketing & Social Media. Using Google Ads to boost other activities is a really good idea and can help boost results, all round.

Ask Matt Google Ads 2

5. Why should I consider using Google Ads?

Would I recommend using Google Ads? Yes, I would. But, approach with some caution and speak to an expert before diving in.

Google Ads is worth considering for:

  • Boosting website traffic
  • Improving search presence for competitive keywords
  • Promotions, competitions and seasonal offers
  • Reaching new audiences
  • Encouraging return website visits
  • Increasing eCommerce sales
  • New businesses who need to get in front of customers quickly
  • … and lots more!

Please speak to Dolia if you’d like to know more about how Google Ads might be able to enhance your digital marketing activities. We’re always happy to give advice to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Also, if you are already using Google Ads and have questions on how you may be able to improve your results, we’d be more than happy to help!


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