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27 Sep

Becoming Carbon Neutral

At Dolia, we are pleased to announce that we are on our way to becoming carbon neutral! We now plant 20 trees a month via treeapp to help offset our carbon emissions. This is the start of our environmental initiative as we work towards reducing our carbon footprint as a business and doing our bit to combat climate change.

What is treeapp?

Treeapp is a mobile application that allows you to plant a tree every day to help reduce your carbon footprint. When using the app as an individual, you can simply select a location, swipe through an advertisement from one of treeapp's sponsors, and that's it - a tree will be planted for you, for free! You can also choose to fund additional trees to help offset the carbon emissions of your household.

It's a bit different for businesses; we pay each month to plant a certain number of trees, and the bigger we get, the more trees we will pay to plant.

The app will track your impact over time, telling you what percentage of your carbon emissions will be absorbed from the trees that you have planted. To illustrate this, below is a snapshot of my individual progress on treeapp so far:

treeapp screenshots

treeapp logo

What impact does treeapp have?

From the 20 trees that Dolia will be virtually planting each month, 7+ species of trees and animals can be rehabilitated and 40m2 of land reforested! The best part is that the more trees planted, the greater the positive environmental impact will be. By planting these trees, we will be supporting treeapp in their various projects, including:

  • Combating climate change
  • Restoring threatened ecosystems
  • Preventing natural disasters
  • Supporting reforestation efforts

So, not only are the trees that we are planting helping the climate, but also the local ecosystems, communities, and the natural world in general.

Where are the trees planted?

Treeapp plant trees across the world, in the areas that need it the most. Some of the places that our trees will be planted include:

  • The Americas (Haiti, Peru & Brazil)
  • Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar & more)
  • Asia (Nepal & Indonesia)

For more information on treeapp's work in these countries, take a look on their website.

What else are we doing?

This is just the beginning of our journey to becoming a fully carbon neutral business. Planting trees is a great way to offset carbon emissions, but there is so much more that we can do to help the Earth. Watch this space to find out what we are doing next...


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