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08 Jun

5 Ways to Improve User Engagement

User engagement is a key factor when measuring the success of your website. This takes into consideration the number of pages viewed per session, the bounce rate on your site and the amount of time a visitor spends on your website.

The ideal amount of time a visitor will spend on your website does vary depending on the type of site you have, but generally speaking it would be between 2 and 3 minutes. So, implementing any of these 5 techniques may help to improve this and get visitors to stay on your site for a lot longer.

1. Gallery.

Adding a gallery or portfolio feature to your website can help to improve visitor time on website. The key to increasing user engagement on your website is to continually add new and fresh content, a gallery feature is an easy way to do this. The Gallery is also a good way of showcasing your work which in turn will help attract more customers.

2. Blogs.

Adding a Blog feature to your website allows you to share your top tips and keep your website visitors updated with what you’re doing. Continually adding blogs to your website will encourage users to continue reading and to find out more about you and your business. Although it is very important to keep up a consistent blogging schedule, for example once every 4 weeks, rather than only uploading a blog occasionally! Not only are Blogs great for new, fresh content but they will also give you the opportunity to work on the top Keywords that you want to optimise your site for! For example, if you are a plumber and want to improve your rankings for 'bolier servicing' you could write a blog all about bolier servicing to improve your Google ranking on that phrase.

3. Chat Feature.

Implementing a chat feature on your website can also be a valuable tool to improve user engagement on your site. Using a chat feature on your website allows visitors to ask any questions they need answering whilst staying on your website. The chat feature will make sure visitors stay on the website instead of emailing or calling, therefore increasing the amount of time they are spending on the site.

4. Consider User Experience.

User Experience is also a key factor to consider and an important way to encourage more interaction with your website. It’s important to think about the way users will be navigating around your site, and their journey on the site. For example, once a user has clicked into a blog post, it’s good practice to add a ‘Return to Blog’ or ‘View next Blog’ buttons as this will encourage users to continue to look through the content you have on the site, rather than leaving after viewing one blog post. Careful placement of other website 'Calls to action' is good practise - for example at the bottom of each service page a call to action of 'Book an appointment today' to encourage the visitor to complete an action.

5. Videos.

Adding visual content to your website such as videos, will also help to improve site interaction. Adding videos that are at least 30 seconds long will add valuable seconds to the average 'time on site' statistic for your website. Not only are videos full of information, but they offer an alternative way to present content on a website and continue to keep users engaged to find out more about your business.

1,2,3 ENGAGE!

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