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26 Jul

6 Ways a Modern Website is guaranteed to Improve your business

Are you thinking about taking that leap into the unknown by setting up a company website or is your current website out-dated and in need of modernising?

Here are 6 reasons why a modern and visual website is guaranteed to improve your business:

1) Higher Google Rankings – more people seeing your business

Google is a complicated animal but it’s safe to say modern websites perform much better in Google and will give you a better online platform to build upon. Google ranking algorithms take into consideration the amount of time people spend on websites, how much users interact with your site, and whether or not a site is mobile responsive.

If you plan on mastering Google you’ll need to start with your website, it has to be modern, it has to be interactive and has to be mobile friendly.

2) Easier Contact Methods – increased leads

A huge benefit of modern websites is providing clear and easy to follow contact methods, helping users to get in touch with your business. This helps increase leads by making the communication process easy and effortless. This can be done through quick enquiry forms, visible phone numbers or clear email addresses on the contact page.

The purpose of your website will be to make it easy for users to know how to contact you.

3) Telling the world what you do – setting out what your business does simply

Modern websites allow you to sell your business in a clear, simple and structured fashion. Your homepage will follow a clear structure that keeps things simple so users can fully understand your business in a matter of minutes without overloading them with unnecessary information. The key sections of a homepage are – services, USP’s, business background, case studies/blog and contact information.

Simplicity and improved communication really will help you win those sales.

4) Become Visually Impacting – become liked and recognised

All modern websites have 2 common themes – they are simple and visual. Imagery has become a huge part of website design, strong imagery seems to work and helps businesses sell their products and services. Sometimes business is all about selling a lifestyle and business rather than just your services, and impacting imagery is a great way to attract users and sell that lifestyle.

There’s amazing great stock imagery available online these days but nothing will ever beat professional photography taken of your products/services.

5) Look Great on Small Screens – become visible on all devices

Websites have changed quite dramatically in recent times and that is largely due to our obsession with smartphones and tablets. It is now estimated more people are connecting to the internet via phones rather than their desktop computers and laptops. If your website does not look good on a smaller screen you are losing customers!

We build all new websites with mobile responsiveness as a primary consideration. Every website we do looks as good on mobiles as it does on a desktop computer – it is now a requirement.

6) Increase Brand Power – increase your market share

Your website is a window into your business, and it gives consumers a chance to see who you are and why they should choose you over your competitors. This chance is not one you want to mess up. Your website gives you an amazing opportunity to use your strong brand and business background to win those customers.

The internet has given every business a great opportunity to also compete against large companies and the chance to share space and market to millions.

If you’re thinking about that taking that leap don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re happy to talk things through.


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