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05 Jan

7 magical ways Social Media will positively impact your business

We all know social media, some like it, some hate it, other are completely obsessed with it, but the truth is Social Media isn’t going away any time soon so we might as well make the most of it.

Social Media has the power to transform your business and is a marketing strategy every business whatever your size or shape should be capitalising on.

And here is why:

Reach a global market

Ok so not everyone wants to reach a global market but through social media the world is connected, so it’s the ideal platform to increase your market potential and attract new business. Wouldn’t everyone like a few more queries a week?

Through trending posts and consumer engagement your business can build credibility and attract new business within a targeted audience.

Target your marketing

Through hastags, facebook pages and tagging, social media allows organisations to target their marketing materials, which means you can create specific campaign material that targets different consumer groups and have confidence the material will be seen by the right people.

This allows organisations to create material that fits different strategies based on who you are and who you are targeting and means your creativity and time is better used.

Customer Engagement

Engaging with your community has been proven to increase sales. By starting conversations and building relationships your sales and reputation has the potential to go through the roof.

Social media and more specifically Twitter is fast becoming an alternative way for businesses and customers to communicate as its instant and quick compared to emailing. By interacting with customers it shows your business is real and approachable.

Brand awareness

Social media is the primary tool used to build brands and increase visibility of your business. Through the material you post you’ll be able to portray your company’s personality and give out informative information that will give people an insight to what type of business you have.

If people like your posts they will like your business and would probably then choice you over your competitors. It’s your chance to have fun and become likeable.


We’re able to largely manage whole social media campaigns through smartphone, which makes social media marketing very practical. At some point throughout the day you’ll need to use your phone and while you’re on your phone or even when you are on your personal Facebook page you can easily and quickly check your business tweets, posts and notifications.

We’re also able to transfer current skill sets as a large number of us (over 2 billion of us) already use social media in our lives, so we don’t need to complete any intensive training programmes or degrees to learn the platforms. We just might need some help learning the best techniques to maximise our social media impact.

Real Time

A great advantage of social media is the fact it’s all real time. You can use trending topics to create engaging material with your community and reach new people instantly as your posts will have more potential to trend.

Social Media is always moving so having access on your phone means you have a better chance of staying on top of current trends and developments.

Create Influence

Social media gives you the potential to create positive influence within your community and share information that may add value to the reader or share useful insights and information that could have a positive impact on people’s everyday lives.

This strategy can help enhance your brand and influence consumer behaviours and generally create interest in your business.

In conclusion Social Media marketing should be an essential part of very organisations marketing strategy whatever your size and location, there’s no reason why not.


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