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27 Apr

Easy trick to boost sales and brand recognition

If you’re reading this blog, great! Reading it means you’ve actually got a few minutes to think about the future success of your business. Awesome!

Now your task here is easy; all you need to do is picture your company’s logo in your mind and ask yourself 3 simple questions:

  • Are you happy with the design?
  • Does your logo correctly reflect your business?
  • What do you think your targeted audience think of it?

If you’re happy with your logo and it seems be working well for your business, then great, this blog isn’t for you. You’re free to carry on with your day, I suggest watching an old episode of Friends, they just never get old!

If you’re continuing to read, it means you’re not entirely happy with your logo, and you know what...that is a good thing. That means there’s an easy way for you to develop your business and potentially win new customers and earn even more money. WIN!

Investing in a new logo is a real way for you to do just that, logos are a primary sales and marketing tool that you need to be fully utilising.

Below outlines how a new logo can win you business:

Become remembered.

If you have a good logo that stands out and is easily recognisable, your logo will be doing a priceless job for your business, it’ll be acting as your top brand ambassador, which is a marketing must have. If you place your logo in a highly visible location your business will continue to attract people’s attention and very quickly become recognisable, which will only increase your chances of winning new business.

Your logo says a lot about your business.

Do you know the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’? Well your logo does. The style of your logo will tell potential customers a lot about your business before they even know anything about you, and they’ll be making those right or wrong assumptions about your business just by the style of your logo.

If your logo portrays the wrong image you will be losing customers. Fonts, icons, style and colours portray your business in different ways, it’s important to get it right.

Sell your personality as well as your business.

People want to work with companies they like and your logo is your chance to get your companies personality across and become instantly likeable. Depending on the type of industry you operate in, this can be done in many ways, your logo can be fun, playful, or help promote your luxury products or your care for the environment. It’s a symbol of your business; it has to represent you and the way you want your business to be perceived.

Your chance to be discovered.

A dull, amateur, boring designed logo will likely be over-looked or not noticed but a modern, bright and uniquely designed logo will likely attract attention and get peoples attention. So when the logo is placed on the side of your van, printed on your business cards or stamped across your event banners it needs to stand out from the crowd.

Beat your competition.

How good are your competitors logos? When choosing a company to work with consumers will typically browse a few different businesses and your logo represents your chance to get the upper hand. Get ahead of your competition and make sure your logo is making an impact.

First impressions.

People will generally form an initial impression of a business based on the visuals they see, so when someone lands on your website or passes your store or sees your van, your logo will play a big role in forming that initial impression. Your logo represents your chance to impress potential customers and win them over, you don’t another shot at that all important first impression.

If you feel your business needs a brand refresh, take a look at our recent work as we would love to help your business gain more customers.

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