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22 Apr

How the Digital World has given every Business a shot at World Domination

We exist in the digital era. The world has become obsessed with technology, and that obsession has opened up endless opportunity for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

It’s never been so easy for any business to gain global exposure and market their products and brand to a targeted audience across multiple demographics.

World domination doesn’t depend on where you’re based or what size you are - it only depends on how big you dream and how ambitious you dare to be.

The marketing rulebook has been permanently ripped up and thrown out the window.

Apple and Facebook have changed the world we live in, whether that’s for the better or worse….who knows.

But with the emergence of digital devices, a better connected world and our obsession with social media, the opportunity of affordable marketing that has global reach has never been so appealing.

Every business should be taking advantages of this opportunity - there are no excuses!

The only question that remains is how best do we make the most out of this opportunity?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing includes any material (content/imagery) which is accessible online and on our favourite gadgets - smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers.

Every piece of information connected with a business or brand you see on your phone or laptop is classed as digital marketing.

What are the methods of Digital Marketing:


Everything digital starts and finishes with your website. Having that impacting website which creates an impression is your best tool to generate sales, but a website alone cannot guarantee digital supremacy.

Email Newsletter

An email newsletter campaign is the perfect way for you to: keep in touch with current clients, improve your upsell results and the ideal way of keeping in the minds of potential/lost leads.

Social Media

Social media doesn’t need much of an introduction; we all know it. Social media has taken over the world and the opportunity it presents to your business is incredible.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is still an integral part of the marketing mix. Unfortunately for some it has become increasingly sophisticated over the last few years, but if managed correctly it gives your business the visibility it needs in Google to get those clicks and gain a competitive advantage.


Content marketing and more specifically blogging has become a very popular tool used by many businesses. It has 2 distinct benefits- creating brand exposure by displaying your brand’s personality and it offers reader a direct link to your website from keyword Google searches. Everything digital must lead back to your website.

So have you got the Time and Money for Digital Marketing?

The biggest advantage of digital marketing is cost when compared to traditional methods (TV ads, magazine/newspaper ads, radio, leaflets etc) digital marketing is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than anything traditional.

Who can actually afford a TV ad right?

But most businesses can afford a social media or email newsletter campaign and the advantages don’t just stop at the cost.

Digital marketing also allows you too effectively:

  • Increase business exposure
  • Engage with customers
  • Target your marketing material
  • Build brand awareness
  • Increase credibility
  • Gain competitive advantage

If you want to move with the times and learn more about digital marketing and what it can do for your business feel free to get in touch.

Delving into this vast opportunity will not cost as much as you think. We promise.


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