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11 May

How to make sure your newsletter gets read!

The majority of people are flooded with a sea of emails everyday so making your email newsletter stand out from the crowd is increasingly challenging. Below are my tips on how to make sure your newsletter gets read before it's deleted!

Plan ahead.

If this is your first newsletter campaign it’s crucial you start with a plan and continue this throughout your campaign without needing to change tactics halfway through.

Once you start - don't stop! It's all too often we see companies send out one or two newsletters and then run out of steam as they didn't plan their newsletter series enough in advance. As soon as you miss out one it can be difficult to get back on track. I would recommend that you get a schedule fixed and stick with it - don't try and send one out each week as it's never going to happen but either one per month or every other month would be a good start... even if it's one per quarter - if it's consistent, there is more chance you'll be able to keep it up!

Content is key.

Make sure you research properly before diving in and review the types of newsletters other people in your industry are sending. Use this research to help you identify the content you should be using in your newsletter and make it relevant to your readers to encourage them to open it.

The subject of your newsletter is KEY. The fate of your newsletter is based purely on the subject line you’ve chosen. The best way to encourage people to open your newsletter is by using a subject that has a sense of urgency, curiosity or excitement. But don’t go overboard as this will have the opposite effect!

Although you may be inclined to use your newsletter like a sales pitch, it’s best not too. Try to make sure your newsletters are mostly educational instead of promotional. It’s good to include some business promotion in the newsletter, but try to use your newsletter as an avenue to encourage interaction with your business, rather than a way to win sales straight away.

It’s also good practice to keep your newsletter focused on one primary topic at a time. Trying to cram lots of information in one newsletter is a task as it is, let alone trying to cover multiple topics. This also allows you to spread your content out for use in future newsletters too!

It’s important that your newsletter follows the tone of your company, for example, if you are a serious law firm but creating an overly friendly and informal newsletter, your readers may get confused as this won’t align with your brand recognition.

Newsletter Design.

Nowadays we have less time on our hands and live busier lifestyles so many people will only skim read your newsletter you spent hours creating. To make your readers lives easier, create a newsletter with a clear and simple layout, that isn’t too text heavy, as this allows them to be able to find the key points quickly and continue to read more of your content if they want to.

The fonts and colours used in your newsletter are also important. The newsletter will need to represent your brand and be consistent with your brand identity so make sure your newsletter ties in the fonts and colours used in the rest of your marketing materials. Don't be tempted to use a plain, unbranded template you've found on-line as it just won't have the right impact and will be 'off-brand'.


Your newsletter can be used to encourage more interaction with your business, whether this is by social media or with links straight to your website. Having your newsletter link to your business on other platforms encourages the readers to share your newsletter content, or become more engaged with the content on your website. Newsletters can be a great way to get your improve the volume of traffic to your website.

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