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29 Jun

It’s all about the ‘UX’. UX design drives online success.

So the big question we get asked a lot is what makes Dolia any different and any better than all other web design agencies out there...and the answer is: our websites work.

And what we mean by that is that we focus on developing result driven websites; they don’t just look great but they also work the way our clients need them to. We combine creativity with business thinking, to create websites that are guaranteed to maximise your online presence through offering a great User Experience (UX).

So what makes UX vital to online success?

A UX focused website will help your business maximise online traffic, increase leads and ultimately boost the sales you get from your website.

A key reason for us all having a website will predominately be to increase sales and let's own up to it, to make more money, but if your website fails to offer an effective user experience your website will not be providing the results you want.

UX websites focus on how website visitors interact with the site, with the aim of making it easy for visitors to view all relevant information and take an action on the site, which is usually completing the contact form or getting in touch via email or phone call. If your website has a high bounce rate or struggles to convert visitors into leads you could be missing out on valuable sales.

So what goes into a UX focused website?

Having a responsive mobile website.

The key to online success can sometimes come down to how well your website works on smaller devices such as mobile phones and tablets. More people are now accessing the internet via their phones vs laptops and desktops, so your website may look great on a laptop but if your site doesn’t work as well on a mobile device it could be doing more damage to your business than adding value.

With all projects we allocate considerable time to planning out the mobile site focusing on user experience, ensuring you can capture leads from all devices.

Providing a clear user journey across all formats.

Good user experience generally comes down to the user journey on the site. Where do you want the website users to go once they land on your website? You may think you have no control over this action but in reality you have full control.

The flow of the homepage, call to actions, ordering of the homepage sections, key products/services, contact options - all these elements will help drive traffic to key parts of the site, helping maximise the chances of them carrying out an action.

Knowing your business.

To be able to build effective UX driven websites first of all you need to understand your business. What are your key services? What’s your value proposition & USP’s? Who are your targeted audience? Who are your competitors? Have there been any substantial chances in your industry?

The UX design of your site will be based around the answers to these types of questions, once you know your business, the industry, competitors and your targeted audience we will get to work making sure your website performs the way it should.

Strong call to actions.

Ensuring you have the right call to actions at key points on your homepage could be the difference between a bounce and a lead. Your homepage should be impacting and visual but it also needs to provide visitors with the right amount of opportunities to access the further information they need. The homepage should not be stuffed with content, leave that for the innerpages, and the call to actions on the homepage will drive traffic to those innerpages for those who want to read it.

Contact Options.

Along with clear call to actions your site needs to clearly display your contact details, this is vital for generating leads. If site visitors struggle to find your contact details they won't be getting in touch any time soon, even if they have to search the site to find the details it’s likely they won’t bother. Your contact details need to be clear, obvious and right under the noses of the visitors.

Quick contact forms, phone numbers, email address, office address – these are vital components to strong UX.

Modern/simple design.

There’s a general rule with modern websites – less is more. This especially applies to home pages. People are now used to scrolling home pages, so scrolling is good! Home pages only need to include headline content, not paragraphs and the use of imagery/icons/graphics are important to keep the attention of visitors. Your website is just like a shop window into your business, it needs to portray your business in the right way in terms of messaging and the visuals.

So there we have it, UX is vital to online success. All successful online companies will focus considerable time on UX design and it’s important you do to.

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