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05 Oct

Let’s increase your website conversions – our 7 top tips!

Contact Details.

This may seem an obvious way to start this article but contact details are extremely important – if you want to increase conversions and gain more leads make sure people can easily access your contact details. If a web visitor struggles to find them and has to search around for them, chances are they’ll get frustrated and bounce straight off your website and onto a competitors. Make it easy, make it obvious and we’re sure those conversions will go up.

Key Call to Actions.

Call to actions are crucial for driving website visitors to key areas of your website, and it’s important you understand what path you want your visitors to follow before they carry out an action. Each page someone could land on has to include the right balance of content and call to actions ensuring they can access other parts of the website if needed, or alternatively, find all the information they require on that one page, depending on your business and sales process. ‘Get in touch’ call to actions at this stage are hugely important, as per above!

Make a Good First Impression.

The big challenge in business is persuading potential customers to choose you over your competitors. First impressions count, your website has about 5-7 sections to make a good first impression, if it doesn’t you are losing potential customers very quickly. There’s definitely no retakes at first impressions, and more often than not your website will be the first thing someone sees of your business, so make it count. Your website needs to build trust, credibility and a likeability factor; pronto, if it does, you are onto a winner!

Think about your User Experience (UX).

User Experience has proven to be the number one most discussed topic in the digital world. A web designers task is to combine great looking designs that also offer awesome user experience, with the aim of making the website look pretty and be easy to use. This is why modern websites are a must have. Digital experiences need to work on all device sizes and be accessible to a wide range of people. Work around this area has developed greatly over the last few years. UX requires a lot of thought and planning, so... does the UX work well on your website?

Promote your Business Value Proposition.

How best to close out a deal and turn a website visitor into a customer? Promoting your business value proposition. Getting people to visit your website is a challenge but turning those visits into the customers is the really tricky part. Give them as many reasons to choose you as possible, and promoting your value proposition is the best starting point, but it’s just the start! If you say you don’t have a business value proposition I don't believe you, once you starting thinking about it, I'm sure your value proposition will become obvious.

If you offer Incentives, Shout about them!

People love offers, this a well-known fact. The worst thing you could do is offer some great incentives and offers but not make them obvious. If you own an e-commerce site, think about your checkout process, is there any way you can add in incentives during this process to boost up-sells? Or if you offer services do you offer free consultations or fixed/discounted prices? If so, are these incentives easy for website users to make the most of? Incentives help bring traffic to your website, improve website engagement and help increase your conversion rates.

If you don’t offer Incentives – Offer them!

Business has become competitive, which has resulted in increased local competition. The aim of the game now is to win customers over your neighbours! A great way of doing this is giving potential new customers an incentive to choose you over them, and once they’ve become your customers, you offer further incentives to bring them back time after time. What’s even better than new business? Repeat business! But be clever about your incentives, the last thing you want to do is a start a price war, offer value to customers without ruining your margins.

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