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29 Apr

New Top Level Domain Names - Our Thoughts

Is it worth investing?

The world of domain names has gone crazy - there used to be just a few different domain names that you could register but now there are now literally thousands of new domain name suffixes becoming available to register. They are being marketed by the big domain name registration companies as essential additions and valuable assets to have as a business - but, are they really worth the money?

Whilst domain names such as .london, .web and .golf may look like 'nice' on paper - what's the real value of having them as a company? We feel that the domain name registration companies are seeing the new domain names as an easy way to make a fast buck. If you already have a website, then you already have a domain name - so, why get a new one? If your website is performing well and it is an established domain name (you've registered it for a few years) then why change? SEO Improvement?

Will having a different domain name improve your search engine rankings?

Generally, no - it's unlikely. Remember, new domain names do take a while to establish in top search engines such as Google so chances are your website will take a fall before climbing... Remember, a website predominately ranks well in search engines for the content that is has on it, so for example - if you have a website about a hair dressers in London, hairsalon.co.uk will work just as well as hairsalon.london because it is being ranked according to the content, not the domain name. Of course, with anything SEO related it's difficult to say for sure and who knows if/when Google will start favouring this type of domain name...

Pre ordering

Many domain name sites are offering pre-ordering but be careful as the price of many of these domain names has not yet been confirmed so you may be paying more than you think when pre-ordering. The pre-ordering service is basically encouraging people to 'panic-buy' domain names to secure their companies domain name on the suffix(es) of their choice.


The .london domain name seems to be particularly popular at the moment in terms of interest - the .london domain name comes out on 31st July 2014 and is now available to 'pre-order' online at around £35 pus VAT per year (that's not cheap!). When asked by clients and colleagues 'shall I register a .london domain name' I ask 'why?' The response to this is often, 'erm, well I just thought...' and actually there isn't a real reason for doing so. There are countless (over 1000) other domain address extensions like .london being launched and frankly we don't feel it's worth investing in them unless you really need/want to be associated with something specific, in this case London, perhaps as the company is London based. It strikes us of very little benefit unless you are just trying to secure the name, but then fact is, it would soon cost a fortune to have every possible version of your domain name and just won't be practical to try to secure them all.

Think before purchasing and don't fall for what we feel is predominately a marketing trap.


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