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24 May

Order our EU Privacy Law Compliance Package

Dolia are now offering all our clients an EU Privacy Compliance package so you can rest assured that your website is compliant.

What's in the Package?

Cookie Widget

This is what you see currently on the Dolia website. It is a box that appears on the bottom of your website that prompts the website viewer to take action. They can either choose to accept that your website uses cookies or, they can opt to ignore it and carry on browsing your website. We feel this is a fair solution to implement on your website as it provides a clear message to the website viewer whilst not disrupting their overall browsing experience too much. The widget offers a brief introduction to the cookies on your website and links through to your Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy outlines what the website does with any personal information that it collects from it's visitors. It is a declaration to say "this is what information we are gathering from you - and this is how we are, or are not going to be using it." An additional page will be created on your website to display this information and will be linked, in most cases, from the footer rather than the main navigation.

Cookie Declaration

As part of the new EU Legislation your website should state all the Cookies that it uses along with a description on what they are and why they are on your website. Many websites will have the same bunch of Cookies operating on them with applications such as Google Analytics and Social Media plugins, however, this will differ from site to site depending on features and functionality. The Cookie Declaration will be included within the Privacy Policy.

For more information and to order a package for your website, please contact us.


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