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13 Feb

Responsive Website Design for 2014

Dolia are pleased to announce that we have made yet another leap forward in the world of website development!

All of our websites that we design will now have the option to be fully responsive and mobile friendly.

So, what's a responsive website?

A responsive site is a website that scales down perfectly to accomodate the user, no matter what device they are viewing the website on. Whether you are browsing on a laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone, our responsive sites will ensure that your viewing experience is seamless from one screen to another.

How this works

We accomplish this by using mutiple CSS stylesheets (one for each set of device screen sizes) and developing the website from the ground-up on each seperate stylesheet. One of the many benefits of developing a site in this fashion is that it allows us to take complete control over how the website looks and performs, when viewed in a range of different screen sizes. For example, an iPhone screen is very thin in comparisson to a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, so obviously the content of a site would not be displayed in the exact same way. So, when developing a responsive website, we will create a unique experience on the iPhone to make the content scale down seamlessly to accommodate the device's screen limitations.

With more and more web users using mobile devices (nearly 20% in 2013), the imporance of having a mobile friendly website is huge - you've got to be able to connect with your target audience which means showing them what they want to see, on a device they want to see it on.

For more information on our responsive website packages, please speak to us today.


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