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10 Feb

RIP marketing department. Is outsourcing your marketing right for you?

So the question is – is outsourcing your marketing a good idea?

In short the answer is yes, outsourcing parts of your marketing activities to a specialist marketing agency actually makes complete sense, and it could be a strategy that helps build your business while reducing risk and overheads.

Marketing is an essential function of any successful business but at times it seems to be the function that is most often overlooked.

This could be down to the fact marketing isn’t a required service such as accounting or show immediate results like sales or give the business direction such as the management team but marketing will always be the function that has the power to give your business that x factor. More so than any accountant or salesman and that is why outsourcing your marketing could be the right move for you, you’ll get all the benefits of a marketing department but without the extra costs and hassle.

In long, here are the reasons why outsourcing your marketing could make your business:


Marketing agencies employee passionate marketing experts and enthusiasts who love what they do and will be hugely experienced with a successful background. You can also judge the quality of their work through their case studies before you even approach them.

Guaranteed Commitment

The agencies success will be directly linked to your success, so the agency will have a lot of incentives to do a great job. Their reputation and future work will be based on their work done for you, so they’re going to be working hard!


For you to employ the same amount of experts ‘in house’ would cost thousands year after year, but by outsourcing your marketing department you’ll gain a team of experts at a cost that is lower than 1 full time employee and you’ll  benefit from the flexibility while enjoying reduced overheads and risk.


A great advantage of outsourcing is the flexibility. You could opt to use the agency for certain campaigns or a particular length of time. Generally you won’t be tied into a contract so it doesn’t have to be a fixed on-going cost year on year like a permanent marketing department would.


Of course outsourcing will still take up a little bit of your time, the more time you invest the better but any good agency won’t require hand holding throughout projects. As long as the agency has a clear direction and project brief from you, they’ll be able to get to work straight away without requiring your input every 5 minutes. Plus there’ll no need for one 1-2-1’s, holiday period sign offs and HR forms to complete!

Increased network

By using an external agency you widen your net of contacts and business links which could be called upon in the future. Life is sometimes about who you know not what you know. The more useful business partnerships you have at your disposal the better for your business.Increased creativity

Creativity is an integral part of life, every business could do with a little bit more. Unfortunately creativity is one of those magical processes that takes time, which not every business can afford. But through outsourcing creativity will be taken care and who knows where that could lead you?

Measurable Success

Through the use of data that is captured through all new enquiries you can measure the success of the external agency. This gives you the opportunity to tweak strategy as you go or even work with different agencies until you find the right one for you.

Outsourcing has few downsides but unparalleled potential to help shape the future of your business.

So do you think oursoursing could be right for you?


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