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08 Apr

SEO... it's a whole lot more than just keywords!

The first thing that customers think of when it comes to SEO is keyword rankings and where your website appears in Google for your targeted keywords. However, there is much more to SEO than just keywords! Keyword tracking is a simple way of showing progress in SEO strategies, but there are many other strategies we use to ensure there is a good amount of quality traffic reaching your website!


Why do people use search engines? To find answers! Making sure your site content is good quality and answers your searchers questions can have a positive effect on Google rankings, and impact user engagement. It is important to stress that the quality of your content is more important than the quantity so we suggest aiming for 700 to 800 words per page. You should also make sure the content on your website is clear and concise, and isn’t overloaded with keywords!

Competitor analysis.

Competitor analysis and research is also key to continually improving SEO strategies. By analysing a range of competitor websites we are able to get an insight into the keywords they may be targeting, and learn more about the content their customers are searching for. When carried out regularly, competitor research can also help us to identify new keywords and content ideas that can help to boost SEO performance!

Google My Business.

Google My Business is a useful tool for SEO, that many people overlook! Optimising your Google My Business profile can improve your click through rate and search visibility in Google searches, therefore getting more visitors to your website. Google My Business allows you to add your opening hours, images, location and more to your profile, this can then appear in Google searches for your business name.

Reporting / Google Analytics.

We believe frequent reporting is also important in tracking and continually improving our SEO campaigns. In these reports we are able to a range of site statistics from Google Analytics and other SEO software. Within the report we cover statistics such as total visitors, user engagement, page popularity and are able to comment and suggest changes to the SEO campaign to help improve the statistics on the website.

Mobile site speed.

One ranking factor that is continuing to grow in importance is mobile site speed. Google has recently announced that mobile site speed is now a ranking factor for Google searchers, therefore impacting where your website will appear in searches. As websites are continuing to evolve, it’s crucial that your site not only looks good and is fully functional on mobile, but it should also load in an instant! In 2017, 77% of people accessing the internet were using a smartphone*, so ensuring your site is fast on mobile will continue to keep these visitors happy, keep your bounce rate low and continue to get mobile traffic landing on your website! (*https://www.consumerbarometer.com/en/trending/?countryCode=UK&category=TRN-NOFILTER-ALL)

Site improvements.

There are many tools that we use to analyse your site and run SEO audits. These tools can give us valuable insights into your website, covering areas such as the speed, code quality, metadata quality and general optimisation of your website. Code quality is one of the areas we aim to perfect as this can directly impact your site speed and has a direct impact on how your site ranks!

These are just a few of the areas covered by our SEO service, please take a look here to find out more about how we can help to optimise your website for Google!


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