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02 Jan

Stop chasing... Start waiting! The power of ‘Inbound Marketing’

We have all been there, sitting down at your desk after nipping off to get the 9am cup of coffee... You are ready to start the day! Open up your inbox, and what are you greeted with?

I don’t know about you... but my inbox is overflowing with ‘junk’. Desperate emails pushing products and services I’m not, and won’t ever be, interested in! Does this traditional method of Marketing still work?

Although email marketing, is a brilliant method of communication, as Marketing specialists we can’t help but think that Email marketing is being misused, guided by the misjudgement that a mass, salesy email may be a quick win! Like everything, for Email Marketing to be effective time needs to be spent. Data needs to be segmented, targeted messaging needs to be defined and content needs to be relevant offering value to readers. This is where ‘Inbound Marketing’ methods come in across all channels.

Inbound Marketing.

Instead of chasing customers, it is all about attracting customers. The focus is on nurturing and providing value throughout customer life-cycle stages. At some point they will be ready to buy- at which point you are in the forefront of their mind! Unlike outbound marketing efforts which often become lost in a ‘sea of sales’, Inbound Marketing methods draw prospects in and build relationships with your brand.

The inbound approach can be achieved across all marketing channels, whether that be blogs, video, e-books and newsletters, SEO, social media marketing or any other form of content marketing. It’s all about providing value suitable for the reader’s stage in the buyer’s journey.

What are the 4 Stages of Inbound Marketing?

1) Attract – turn strangers into visitors with educational content
2) Convert - shift visitors to leads with solution based content
3) Close – moving leads to customers (this is where your sales pitch comes in)
4) Delight – nurture customers to promoters so the whole cycle starts again!

And the benefits of Inbound Marketing?

By creating content of real value to your reader you are able to position yourself as a thought leader and build brand credibility. Through this subtle sales approach, relationships can be built as consumers trust your opinions. They learn to respect the fact that they don’t feel like they are getting the hard sale. Although more time consuming Inbound Marketing is so much more effective as highlighted by HubSpot with evidence that Inbound Marketing costs 62% less than per lead than Outbound Marketing.

So you may now have an idea of Inbound Marketing methods, but what does good ‘Inbound Marketing’ look like?

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