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26 May

The Art of Online Marketing

Want to better understand how you can increase your chances of online success?
Find out how below:

Sell Yourself.

Your website and digital channels are the perfect platforms to shout about how great your business is, but that means your platforms have to be great too.

A well designed website that looks great and works, will allow you to maximise your online leads and will undoubtedly be your best avenue for new sales. Your website also needs to say the right things; it’s your chance to sell yourself, the messaging and content has to be spot on.

An active, creative, and engaging social media presence will increase your outreach and boost your credibility, it's your ideal chance to sell yourself.


The biggest advantage many digital marketing platforms provide is the ability for you to communicate with your clients, existing and new. Communication is key to increasing sales, if you can start a conversation with potential customers, there is a high chance it’ll turn into a sale. You just need to get the dialogue started.

If you're able to clearly tell potential customers why they should buy from you, they probably will, if you can’t tell them why, they probably won't.

Provide an Experience.

We live in an experience economy where people like to work with companies that offer a great experience as well great product or services, whether that is through the buying process, after sales care, exclusive clubs or indeed through digital mediums.

Have a look at how you can improve the digital experience you offer to new and existing clients; it’s the little things that can make all the difference. Look at your communication tools, website experience, social media channels, email communication, they all count and if they are all managed well they will boost your sales.

Build your Brand.

Brand power is vital to success; your brand is why people choose you over your competitors, it’s your real USP. Your brand power is what helps you stand out from the crowd, attract new clients and help your business grow – it’s about building the personality of business, and letting that shine. Building brand power is easiest to do through your digital platforms as your potential outreach is huge.

The best techniques to build brand power is through a modern and visual website that focuses on providing a great user experience, having a strong and recognisable logo that clearly represents your business, clear communication channels, great client reviews, active and up-to-date social media channels and generally by being awesome at what you do!

Become Seen.

The digital world is competitive but it’s potential of generating new leads is huge, so you’re going to have to play the game, whether you like it or not. To be part of this hugely rewarding game you’re going to have to overcome Google, which isn't an easy task but it's definitely doable. Whenever someone needs something they 'Google it', and this is not going to change any time soon. Google offers every company the same level of potential.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is hugely important in the world of digital marketing and there’s plenty of things techy and non-techy tasks that can be done to improve your SEO performance. A key point to remember when working on SEO is good, readable content will always be king!

But if all else fails, Google advertising is the way forward – it can become expensive but it has been proven to work time and time again.

Most Effective Types of Digital Marketing.

  • Website – modern, visual, user friendly
  • Email newsletters – informative, not hard selling, user friendly
  • Social media – your chance to get your personality across
  • SEO – become seen and increase those clicks
  • CPC Advertising – it just works if you can afford it

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