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01 Feb

The importance of social media in online marketing

Social Media marketing isn’t going away anytime soon!

Social media is a key tool in online marketing, and helping to make sure your website is fully marketed across the web. Below are some of the reasons we think it’s important to use social media marketing for your business!

SEO Performance.

One major reason you should use social media marketing is to help boost your SEO performance. Having multiple social media channels helps to prove to potential customers that your business is legitimate, and can improve the amount of times your business appears in Google searches. Having a well optimised, and frequently updated social media platform can increase the chance of this being shown in Google searches, for your business name. Therefore minimising the chance of your competitors appearing in your business Google search! Schema mark up can also be added to your social media links on your website. By doing this it helps to signal to Google that your business is also located on other platforms, and these social media links may then be shown in your business knowledge panel in Google searches.

Social Media Advertising.

Social media accounts are free to create, and can greatly improve your brand awareness. Many social media platforms now offer their own paid advertising on their app or website. For example Facebook and Instagram Ads. This type of advertising is usually quite affordable, and many of our clients have seen good engagement from running social media advertising.


Adding your business to Google+ can improve the business listing that appears for your company in Google searches. If your business is active on Google+, your posts can appear at the bottom of your business knowledge graph. If your business isn’t active on Google+, your knowledge graph may show names of your competitors instead!

Get new clients – get your business recognised.

Social media marketing is important to get your business name known and recognised by current and future customers. Social media gives you an opportunity to get your business name heard, and demonstrate any projects you may be currently be working on. Many customers may also check a business’ social media platforms before deciding to contact you, so making sure your platforms have up to date contact information is also important.

Most customers want to work with businesses they can relate to and who’s ethos aligns with their own. Social media platforms give you a great place to get your company story heard and attract the customers that want to work with you.

Inbound Traffic.

Social Media can also improve the amount of traffic to your website. Posting your most recent blog, news article or completed project on social media, can encourage users to click through and take a look around your website. This is a simple way of improving the number of people visiting your site!

Connect with Customers.

Another benefit of using social media is to connect with your current customers and business network. Social Media allows your followers to stay up to date with your business, whether this is giving them advice on the latest service or product offering, or letting them know who your new members of staff are. Social Media allows you to tell customers these messages in a less formal way, letting you to interact with your customers in a more casual environment.

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