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21 Jun

The Secret Question to Success

Would you want to work with you?

That is the secret question that could determine the level of your success – likeability and brand power have never been so important.

Business is now about becoming liked, remembered and recognised.

Due to an overcrowded marketplace and the accessibility consumers now have to a vast number of companies plus our reliance on digital convenience; Consumer power has grown and their priorities have shifted. This shift in consumer focus has levelled the playing field.

In this digital era smaller independent companies are competing with large corporations for customers' attention and digital space, but this opportunity does create a big challenge for all businesses - Brand Power.

Brand Power

Due to the amount of choice consumers now have business owners are tasked with looking at your business from the outside in by putting themselves in the consumers’ shoes.

So would you want to work with you?

Your brand holds the answer to that question.

It’s your ‘brands’ job to grab consumer attention and make them say ‘I want to work with this company!’ If a consumer is able to connect to your business and like what you do and how you do it that is your key competitive advantage.

Brand power is now everyone’s strongest USP. If your business is recognised and liked you are destined for greatness, just as long as you have a strong business model to support your overwhelming greatness…of course!

How to Build your Brand Strength

The internet now plays such a large role in our everyday lives building your brand power inevitably starts and finishes online.


Your website will play the most crucial role in your success. If you’re not seen online you are definitely not reaching your potential. Your website will generally be the first thing a consumer sees of your business and first impressions are important in all walks of life.

The first 10 seconds of a user landing on your website could be the most decisive moment in the consumer buying process and a high percentage of your customers will be lost here if your website doesn’t make the right impact and portray your brand the way it deserves.

Online Presence

When looking for companies locally what do you do?

I’m sure the answer more often than not is just 'Google it'. So what happens if you’re not found online? Well obviously you won’t be considered.

What if multiple companies are found online, what happens next? Ultimately consumers compare the companies against each other based on the information available, so generally companies with the strongest website, best social media channels, impacting logo and the better story will come out on top, unless of course one company decides to slash their prices!

Visual Storytelling

Everyone loves a good story, and if you have a great story behind your business that could be your ticket to success. These days’ consumers love working with companies they connect with, whether that’s a company that works ethically through helping charities and their local community or working with individuals who have set off alone turning their backs on the corporate world. Whatever your story, share it!

Visual storytelling is all about getting your story across in your own way that appeals to your market – website page, printed hand-out, video, infographic or even in person. Find the way that best suits your business.

Moving away from the online realm, how else are you able to become liked, remembered and recognised?

Consumer Experience

Something larger companies are able to offer consumers is a great experience. The most obvious and commonly used example of this is of course Apple, unlike their competitors Apple have flagships stores located around the world. These stores are simple, modern and full of geniuses and help give Apple that little extra advantage. Have you seen a Samsung or Sony store recently?

Obviously not every company can afford to open stores in London or central NY but every company can make sure they offer their customers a great experience. This can be achieved through simple methods such as automated emails, printed hand-outs or customer events – this is your chance to be creative!

Also have a look at your office facilities, communication methods, sales process and after care services. These are all areas that interact with your customers and could help improve your brand.


Your logo should never be underestimated; it has the power to increase your brand recognition – Nike, McDonald’s, Apple, Windows, Pepsi, Shell – what comes to mind when you think about these companies? I bet their logos come straight to mind, that’s brand recognition working.

Your logo plays a vital role in being the face of your business and increasing your brand's awareness and being the ‘thing’ consumers recognise from your business. The more often people see your logo the more you stick in their mind and the chances they become repeat customers increases dramatically.


If you’re interested in learning how your business can increase your likeability factor get in touch as we’re here to help.


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