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31 Mar

Website Marketing – put your website into Top Gear

So after months of love, care and affection (plus some awesome design work) your new website is live on the web.

And we all know what that means now, right? You finally get to sit back and watch all those leads come rolling in... what do I buy first, an Aston Martin DB9 GT, Ferrari 458 Italia or a Lamborghini Aventador?!?

Well I’ve got some bad news if you were hoping that was the case...

To be totally up front with you - the real work only starts once your new website is live, but there’s no reason to panic, if you’ve got this far you’re already half way to digital success – we promise!

Unfortunately for many businesses, the web has become an increasingly competitive market place, yet our reliance on the web for generating leads and sales has never been stronger. As lots of businesses fight it out for prime online marketing spots, digital marketing continues to grow more complex; nevertheless it’s still the most effective place to focus your marketing efforts.

One thing is for sure though - without a strong website/digital marketing strategy your website is bound to become lost in the abyss of the World Wide Web and those leads might never come.

Website Marketing Package

That’s why we offer a high quality and effective website marketing package that is tailored to our client’s budget and online marketing requirements.

What’s the main purpose of our website marketing service?

‘Getting visitors to your website to engage with your product or service and to complete an action to grow into a quality lead’

There are four key areas within website marketing which are:

1) Website Optimisation (SEO)

Website Optimisation (SEO) is all about how the content for your website can be enhanced to work better in search engines which will therefore boost the amount of visitors your website generates through placing higher in search engine results based on keyword searches.

Website Optimisation is perhaps the key area in website marketing because the fate of your website ranking well will depend on how well the site is optimised.

This area is vast and there are so many things that need to be taken care of when implementing a website optimisation strategy. Important items that should be actioned include:

  • SEF URLs
  • Google Tools
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Landing Pages
  • Link Building
  • Blogs
  • Regular Updates
  • Core ‘on-page’ SEO
  • ‘Techy Stuff’ including Rich Snippets

2) Google paid advertising (PPC/Adwords/Re-marketing)

We can help give your business that all important boost in Google when it’s needed, via paid advertising tools such as Adwords and Re-marketing. Organic SEO is the primary long term tool to generate more traffic and clicks to your website, paid advertising can get very pricey but if you're keen to see immediate results, paid advertising has proven to work time and time again.

We’re able to set up campaigns, develop strategies, report results and help your business generate leads. We produce results.

3) Marketing Strategy / Approach

It’s also important that we take some time to focus on the overall marketing strategy of the business and to make sure that we understand the general approach that the business is taking, or should be taking, in order to market effectively online.

Reporting and Analysis are the main tasks to tackle under your marketing strategy and approach and this will include:

  • Reports & Recommendations
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Business Strategy
  • Market Research

4) Offsite Marketing

The fourth area to focus on is your offsite marketing activities and by this we mean anything that doesn’t involve the website directly. So, we’d look at the following items to see how we can implement or improve them to enhance the overall impact of your website marketing strategy:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Google Maps / Business Places
  • YouTube
  • Offline Promotions
  • Print Marketing

With our tailored website marketing package we’re able to take the time to develop and execute the right digital marketing strategy for your business.


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