28 Jul

Why do we use WordPress?

Why do we use WordPress?

WordPress is an extremely popular web CMS (Content Management System), used by millions of businesses across the world to build and manage their websites. The fact that WordPress is free and easy to use makes the platform widely accessible, but why do we use it specifically?

We spoke to Design and Development Director, Joe, about the benefits of using WordPress to develop client websites, and the story behind Dolia’s own WordPress framework, Vitale.

Q. What are the benefits of using WordPress over other platforms?

A. One of the main benefits of WordPress is its super intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for everyone to update and manage their website, no matter their skillset. There are several other benefits to WordPress which contribute to its popularity, such as the fact that it is open source and SEO optimised, and has enhanced security features, fast page load times and a large supportive community, to name a few... This makes it a versatile and scalable platform for all website sizes.

Q. Have you always just built websites on WordPress, and if not, why did this change?

A. No, before switching to WordPress development we had built websites on several different CMS platforms, all of which had their perks and quirks. But the more we delved into WordPress, the more we realised how powerful and adaptable this platform could be. That's why we decided to build our own WordPress framework, known as Vitale (Italian for Vital). This framework has been a gamechanger for our clients and offers a versatile, robust, and intuitive base for any website.

Q. What do you like best about our current WordPress framework?

A. The number one feature of our new WordPress framework is the user-friendly interface. We've designed this with our clients’ interests at the forefront, giving them a platform that they can easily update and manage themselves. They're able to build fast-loading, user-focused pages, and create sections from scratch without our support (although we're always on hand if needed!).

The other feature I love about our framework is how lightweight it is. We know that a badly managed WordPress site can become very heavy, and that's why our framework is designed with this in mind. Using the latest technologies and code, our framework features everything you need for a professional, engaging, and fast-loading website without all the junk that endless plugins and additions come with.

Q. Are there any new features you’d like to add to the framework in future? If so, what?

A. Exciting news coming soon... our new Vitale 3.0 framework will be launching later this year, including new and exciting elements and features designed to improve user experience and page load times! Keep your eyes peeled, we'll be releasing more information on this very soon.

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