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22 Aug

Why is my new website not on page 1 of Google?

Ummm it’s probably content, or it could actually be content, or possibly content, no wait it’s definitely content.

Dare I say content is king…

But what's always been clear is that content is extremely important for great SEO performance, and thinking about marketing in general; content has always been the key to successful, digital or otherwise. Content deserves your attention.

But we’re focusing on search engine performance here and even if your website looks great and offers a good user experience, good quality content is still vital to that all-important SEO success, without it, you will struggle to maximise your online results. Websites that perform well in search engines will most likely be built upon strong content foundations, it’s time you start building your foundations – it’s never too late!

Below are a few pointers on website content and its importance to your success:

Google matches searchers to websites based on the website content.

Google and all other search engines literally read the content on your website and based on what it finds Google will decide if your website is worth showing in its results. Now just to clarify Google will take a ton of other metrics into consideration when ranking websites, but site content will be the starting point for the Googlebots, so if your site is littered with poor content, or just doesn't include any relevant content never expect to gain any ranking visibility in Google, let alone ever rank on page 1.

Without content you would never appear in Google, without high-quality content you will never rank well; don’t overlook the importance of good content!

Page titles are crucial, backend keyword stuffing has long been dead.

You’ll notice on your browser tab your website will have a page title, this page title is crucial to both search engines and potential site visitors. This page title is visible in Google search results; it's placed above your website address. But way before this search process has happened the search engines have already used this page title as the first indicator of your site relevance. Google doesn't factor in meta-keywords anymore, they will not help.

Just a watch out – your page title is limited to under 70 characters as the Google search result only show the first 70 characters, so be selective!

Videos work, your website (& Google) would love a fresh blog.

Videos are great for online viewing, haven’t you noticed your Facebook feed is full of them? People love watching videos, so if you could include just a small fraction of these videos across your social media channels and your website your Google ranking would be sure to rise. But video making isn’t easy, so the best alternative is a blog. Yes, that’s right a blog, if you want to win at SEO a well written and regularly updated blog is essential.

Google loves fresh content and a blog is an ideal way of generating new content that will likely attract more traffic to your site.

Write winning content that your targeted audience will want to read.

Good content takes time to write, there’s no hiding away from that fact (unless you pay someone to write for you of course), but still any business owners worst nightmare would be for that time (or money) to be wasted by producing content not targeted at the intended market, thus not bringing any valuable traffic to your website. Great content also helps to bring people back to your website.

Make sure your content is engaging, value-adding, interesting and targeted to the people who would be interested in your brand.

Social media is driven by content that will boost your website rankings.

Social media is built upon strong, shareable content that will ultimately attract traffic to your site. Awesome content is the starting point for strong social media performance and social media platforms offer unparalleled opportunities for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Make sure you’re sharing content and links from your website to generate site traffic, and have some fun, social media gives you the opportunity to get your personality across.

The content you share on social media should link back to your website, all of your digital platforms are linked, so write, share and have fun! You will rank better for it.

User engagement is a great indicator of content success.

User engagement metrics are great indicators of the effectiveness of your website content and should be used to analyse how in general your website visitors interact with your content. Statistics are crucial to understanding what works and what doesn’t, once you post a new blog or a new web page don’t just assume the page is amazing, look at the stats, maybe all is not as it seems.

Statistics increase your understanding of performance, current performance drives future strategy; look at the stats to build better strategies.

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