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Need to get in front of your customers on Social Media?

With more people than ever using Social Media to communicate with each other through this difficult time, it has become increasingly important for businesses to have active, up-to-date social profiles.

Small, local businesses such as butchers and bakeries who would normally receive many walk-in customers may now be suffering due to government restrictions. Using Social Media, businesses like these can continue to run and be seen.

Setting up social profiles is just the first step. There is a lot more that you can do with Social Media to advertise your products or services, reach a wider audience and connect with existing and potential customers.

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Choosing the right Social Channels for your business

If you have not used Social Media for your business before, it can be difficult to know which Channels work best.

Business to Consumer (B2C) businesses such as beauty salons, trade services, and bakeries would be best suited to using Facebook and Instagram, as these are likely to be the most popular sites with their customer base. You can also connect your accounts so that when you post an update on Instagram, it is automatically shared to Facebook, saving you time. Snapchat is another option – it can be seen as a more informal way of reaching customers.

On the other hand, for Business to Business (B2B) businesses such as IT companies, fulfilment companies and marketing agencies, it would be better to make more use of LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as Facebook and Instagram. Snapchat would not be appropriate in this case. As a professional networking site, LinkedIn is useful for connecting with other businesses, whereas Twitter is good for reaching both businesses and consumers simultaneously.

For both B2B and B2C businesses, our top 4 platform recommendations are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, but we can help you decide exactly which Social Channels will work best for your business.

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Using Ads to reach larger audiences

If you’re looking to promote your business on Facebook or LinkedIn and attract more visitors to your website, you can use Social Ads. Through creating target audiences and using the right platform, you can ensure that your Ad campaign is seen by the right people, as well as being cost effective.

Facebook Ads work well for B2C companies, as you can set the Ad to only show to certain age ranges, genders and demographics, and target people with specific interests and behaviours. Similarly, on LinkedIn, you can create target audiences based on the above criteria, as well as other categories that B2B businesses may find useful, such as company industries, job experience and education.

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Interacting with your audience

It’s important to be proactive on Social Media, liking and replying to comments on your posts and replying to messages promptly. In order to keep on top of this, you could download the apps for the relevant Social Channels on your phone and ensure notifications are turned on so that you can reply to comments and messages as and when they appear. This will help customers to build up a positive image of your business, so they may be more likely to enquire or use your services in future.

You should also try to post as frequently as you can, at least twice a week, to keep your customers updated and maintain an active profile.

If you don’t have the time for this, contact us and we can help create and schedule posts for you.

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Boosting Posts (on Facebook)

When posting on your Facebook page, you may notice that you can choose to ‘boost’ a post. This works much like other Facebook Ads, as you can choose target audiences and set a budget for how much you want to spend, but it only promotes the post you choose. This means it is seen by a wider audience than just the people who liked your page. It is particularly helpful when you are promoting a new product, a special offer, or an upcoming event, as you can set the Ad to run for a limited time period and finish when the offer ends.

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Look professional with a cracking social profile

To ensure that your business looks professional on Social Media, you should use a high-quality version of your logo as your profile picture, or an icon or image that matches your branding. Many social profiles also require a header image, so you should find or create an image that accurately reflects your business and make sure that it is correctly sized so that the full image can be seen.

It’s also important to keep your contact details and description or bio up-to-date to ensure that you are not giving false information and losing out on potential customers.

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Where do we start?

We can help with setting up Social Media accounts, creating Ads, managing your profiles and creating and scheduling posts. We’re also happy to give some general advice on how to get started – just ask!