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Remote working has exploded onto the scene and many businesses are embracing it. Some businesses will be very familiar with working remotely and using various technologies to do so….whereas for others, the prospect of working outside of an office or premises, is not the norm!

As we are facing unprecedented times, the way in which we all work is changing, and fast. It is critical that businesses of all shapes and sizes start to adapt and evolve to working remotely. Thankfully, we’re in 2020, not 1920… so, we have a huge range of super-smart tools to help us get on with work with as little disruption as possible.

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Remote working – where do I start?

The first thing to do is identify what sort of activity is really important for you, your staff and customers, and how that can be taken online. For many of us, this is going to be meetings as face-to-face meetings won’t be happening for some time. Whilst phone calls are an alternative, it is so important to be able to see the person you are talking to; to see their expressions and emotions. A good starting point is to choose an online meeting platform that you like and works for your business.

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Platforms for meetings

So, there are lots to choose from here. Chances are, if you are used to meeting online, you’ll already have a platform you prefer. However, if virtual meetings are not the ‘norm’ for you… you’ll be easily overwhelmed as to how many options there are.

At Dolia, we prefer using Microsoft Teams as this integrates really nicely with the Office 365 software we use. Other platforms we like are Skype for Business, Skype (standard) and Zoom. Zoom is really easy to use and is great for larger meetings, so this will be a popular choice for those who are 100% new to the world of online conference calls.

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Tools for work and file sharing

For many businesses, remote working will be new and something that will only be short term. There are many tools out there to help staff collaborate with each other… far too many for us to list here, but a few popular ones include:

  • Dropbox – For file sharing and storage
  • WeTransfer – For single file transfers
  • Office 365 – Huge package of software with powerful online applications
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Apps for time and project management

When working remotely (or, at home!) making sure you track your time and stay on top of tasks is really important… especially when you haven’t got your colleagues tapping you on the shoulder, reminding you about the next deadline. If you employ staff, you’ll also want to make sure that they are being productive and clocking all the hours they spend on projects.

At Dolia, we use two tools for this (there are many out there!!). The tools are:

Some examples include:

  • Toggl – For time tracking and reporting
  • – For project and task management
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Utilizing Social Media

Social media is a great place to ‘meet’ as so many people use it! Facebook’s Messenger service, for example, allows you to video call your friends/teammates… and it’s free! Other platforms also offer useful tools for communication so they are worth checking out. As well as the ‘standard’ Facebook tools, Facebook now offer a dedicated suite of tools for business, which they call ‘Workplace’. Even everyday Apps such as WhatsApp might work well for some businesses as it’s such a popular platform and very easy to use.

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Get Started

Where do we start?

At Dolia, we are able to help clients start off in the right direction with remote working. Every business is different so it’s important to have a think about the best tools to help connect your staff and customers that are easy to use, cost-effective and reliable. To arrange an initial chat, please give us a call and speak to a member of our team who will be more than happy to offer some initial advice and guidance as well as provide information on how Dolia can help take away the pain of ‘going remote’ with your business. We can then help with setting up platforms and training you on how to use them, so you’ll be a ‘remote working pro’ in no-time!