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04 Dec

Christmas Marketing Ideas

In the festive season, almost everyone is looking to buy presents online. If you have an online shop selling products or services which can be given as gifts, this is the perfect time to step up your marketing campaigns. If not, there are still ways for you to tailor your marketing to the Christmas season. Here are some Christmas marketing ideas for a range of businesses…

Email Campaigns

If you are already running email campaigns, or think that they would suit your business, consider creating a series of Christmas-themed emails. You could give gift ideas, offer Black Friday and Christmas discounts on your products/services, or even just give clients an update on what your company is doing to celebrate this season.

Alternatively, if your business doesn’t really offer Christmas gifts, you could simply send an e-card to your client base wishing them a Merry Christmas. Many will appreciate the thought, and this will build a positive attitude towards your business. If you prefer, you could send a printed card. Include a photograph of your staff team for a more personal touch.

Social Media

If your business isn’t active on social media, you are missing a big opportunity to increase engagement with your customers. In the festive season, you could advertise exclusive discounts and giveaways on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

You could even do a 12- or 24-day Advent Calendar (as seen on the Aspire Clinic website below) counting down to Christmas and generating excitement around your brand. Whether you decide to post new offers for each day of the calendar, advertise different products/services, or just post about Christmas generally, this strategy will increase your social media presence and help attract more visitors to your website.

aspire advent calendar

One of our SEO clients Aspire Clinic is doing an advent calendar of offers, which is being promoted on social media and via email marketing campaigns.


It’s a good idea to create a separate Google Ads campaign for Christmas so that you can target seasonal keywords and promote specific products which work as gift ideas. Your display ads should be festive and contain discounts or special offers for a limited time. Make sure to create a sense of urgency in your ads so that people feel they need to rush to your website to catch the deal – you can even include a countdown to heighten this.

Make use of social channels like Facebook as well as Google to advertise your festive discounts and reach a wider audience. Ensure that you are also using remarketing ads to get previous visitors to go back to your website and complete their purchase or take another look at your offer.


If you want your branding to reflect Christmas spirit, you could temporarily change the colours to deep reds and greens, or add a Santa hat, holly or some other festive icon to your logo. Use this on your social media, email campaigns, ads and website throughout the Christmas season for a consistent brand image.

Whilst designing this may come at an extra cost to you, you can re-use this branding for a few years or until you wish to refresh it. Changing your branding can also give the impression that your business is actively targeting Christmas shoppers, and this will hopefully attract more customers.

google christmas logo

Google is a good example of a company who are always adapting their logo to the season - here is a Christmas design from 2018.


Another Christmas marketing strategy is to post about your festive activities on the blog on your website. If you don’t have one, you should consider adding one as it is a good opportunity to improve your SEO! You could use blog posts as landing pages for your seasonal offers and discounts, and promote them on social media and in email marketing campaigns to increase the traffic to your website.

Is your business doing anything for charity this Christmas? You can write about it on your blog to get your customers or clients involved. If you haven’t had any ideas yet, Dolia are doing Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Save the Children on 13th December, and we’re also donating to a local Foodbank. There are hundreds of charities with Christmas appeals that you can support, so why not do some research and see how you can help others this year?

Other Ideas

If you don’t already offer a gift set of your products, or sell gift cards, you could consider doing this for Christmas. In order to suit a range of budgets, offer a variety of amounts for gift cards (e.g. £10, £25, £50, £100). When compiling gift sets, try to aim them at particular types of people or age groups to make them more appealing to customers shopping with someone in mind.

Once set up, you can advertise these gift cards and gift sets on social media, email campaigns, blogs, and so on. Remember that these products can also be sold outside of Christmas as people buy birthday gifts all year round.

 tasting house gift cards

Tasting House offer a range of gift cards on the webshop we designed for them.

I hope these Christmas marketing ideas were helpful and gave you plenty of options to consider for this year or the next.

If you’re interested in rethinking your marketing strategy but don’t know where to start, Dolia can help. We offer a range of Digital Marketing services, including Email Marketing, Social Media Scheduling, Google Ads Management and Blog Writing. Find out more here.


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