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06 Jul

Client Insights: Fullers Logistics

Tony Dempsey – Divisional Managing Director

Fullers Logistics

Tony Dempsey Fullers

1. How long have you been working with Dolia?

We have been working with Dolia for around 5 years now. We initially contacted Dolia to rebuild our website, but we now have a monthly SEO & Marketing package with them to help support and improve our website. They also run our Google Ads campaigns which is a really valuable source of leads for us.

2. What is the most valuable service that we provide to your business?

The ongoing SEO work is the most valuable service that Dolia provide for us. Our SEO package with Dolia enables us to constantly improve our website and identify new ways to boost where it ranks in Google searches, to help us attract more of our ideal clients.

The Fullers Logistics website is ranking in position one of Google search results for several keywords, such as...

order fulfilment berkshire

fulfilment center surrey

distribution services london

food fulfilment hampshire

fashion fulfilment hampshire

3pl london

ecommerce fulfilment berkshire

beauty fulfilment hampshire

3. Has communication with the Dolia team always been efficient?

Communication with the Dolia team has always been very efficient – it’s one of their strongest attributes. Whether we are communicating with our dedicated Account Executive, Jess, or contacting the team via the help desk, we always get a timely response and resolution to any of our questions or problems. Not only that, Dolia are very pro-active with getting in touch with us to ask us how we are and to share new ideas and thoughts.

4. How have we helped with your long-term business goals?

By continually working on our website, we have been able to make significant improvements to it to continue to attract new business. Whether it’s been through targeting businesses in a certain location, adding video to our website to demonstrate our value, or optimising and refreshing our Google Ads, we have seen a significant improvement in the number of ideal customers we have signed a contract with. Before we started working with Dolia, we got nothing from our website and relied on more ‘traditional’ sales methods, but now, all our new business comes from our website or at least has some connection to our online presence. It’s great!

5. How useful are the monthly reports and analysis we provide?

Fullers Report Screenshot

An extract from the May report for Fullers Logistics.

We find the monthly reports extremely valuable – they are clear, transparent and tailored to the specific detail we need. It’s great to see exactly what tasks have been completed on our website, and the progress we are making each month. The reports clearly demonstrate which areas of our marketing that we need to work on and lay out the ideas and suggestions from Dolia going forward.

6. What feedback have you received from clients about your website?

Our clients love our website, especially the video! We have recently made some more visual changes to the website, including changing the colours and adding a ‘clients’ section. Clients have commented on how smart this now looks.

Fullers Logistics Homepage

The top section of the Fullers Logistics Homepage.

7. What is the best thing that Dolia has put in place on your website or for your business?

To be honest, it’s difficult to pin-point this down to one item as collectively, all work completed for us has been incredibly important. One of the best things Dolia have implemented for us as a business is our branded video. Dolia recommended a videographer who then visited our site to record the video. We now have this as the header on our website and we are constantly getting compliments from our customers!

8. How well have Dolia dealt with any technical issues?

Dolia always deal with our technical issues promptly; nothing is too much trouble for them to resolve. The team are currently working on some software integration to help improve how we receive enquiries from our website and streamline our sales process. They are happy to learn new platforms in order to provide us with a truly tailored service for our business processes.

Fullers Contact page

We recently designed a brand new Contact page for the Fullers website using Pipedrive software.

9. What would business look like, without Dolia on-board?

Without Dolia on-board, our business wouldn’t have been able to attract new clients like it is at the moment… I think there would be a lot more pressure on our business to find new clients whereas with Dolia on-board, we’ve got a brilliant stream of new business coming in, from a great range of industries. This then allows us to spend more time on working with our clients, rather than finding them.

10. Would you recommend Dolia, and why?

We thoroughly recommend Matt and the team at Dolia. They have transformed our website and digital marketing presence and without their help and continued efforts, I believe the business would be in quite a different place today.


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