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19 Aug

Dolia's Global Client Base

Dolia have recently started working with a client in Sydney, Australia. This means that we now have clients in many different countries throughout the world. In this article, I will discuss our global client base.

The countries or states we currently have clients in include:


Our client Hacker sells German-made kitchens to customers in Australia.

They are a brand of home and furniture specialists InnerSpace, branching out from the UAE into Australia.

hacker au homepage


We are working on a ‘.au’ website for them which has a modern design to match the German furniture they sell.


Nomadic Knights, a motorcycle adventure company, are based in India.


Nomadic Knights homepage


The company offers motorcycle tours in India, Everest, Nepal and Tibet. The founder was born in Scotland and relocated to India and now he leads people on these tours.

The language of the website is English because Nomadic Knights are targeting customers from the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. It is also a ‘.com’ so it reaches customers internationally.


Our client Innerspace is located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


Innerspace homepage


Innerspace are a German home specialist, selling high quality products from brands such as Hacker, Hulsta and Rolf Benz from their base in the UAE.

Their website is a ‘.com’ site so reaches customers in many different countries around the world. It is written in English, the most widely spoken language in Dubai. The majority of the population there are expatriates who speak English as their native language.


Our client Longport Inc is based in Pennsylvania, in the United States of America (USA).


Longportinc homepage


Longport develops, manufactures, markets, and sells high resolution ultrasound imaging systems, used in a range of sectors including wound assessment and prevention, dermatology and aesthetics.

The site uses American English, as opposed to British English, to highlight that the business is based in the US. It is also a ‘.com’ site so it is targeting an international customer base.


Transtech operates in France.

Transtech Technologies is a leading supplier of electric hardware, including RF components and systems. They provide solutions for customers in the military, telecommunication and space sectors and more.


transtech english homepage

transtech french website


Visitors can read the site in English or French by clicking the correct flag in the header. This way, the company can reach customers from different countries within Europe and further afield.

Another French site we have developed is Cabane De Berger.


TrueVant is a business based in Germany.

As a team of Oracle NetSuite specialists, TrueVant use their unique implementation process to deliver the right system for their clients.


truevant english homepage

truevant german website


The site is multilingual so visitors can experience the website in English or German by clicking the corresponding flag. Depending on the user’s geographical location, the site will display in the local language.


We have lots of clients based in the UK: ATP UK, Dassi and Altitude Lofts, to name a few.

ATP UK also has the function of changing the language on the site – it can be viewed in both Spanish and English.


atp uk homepage

atp uk spanish website


Many of our other websites have ‘.co.uk’ at the end to show that they are purely based in the UK and market to customers within this area.

Communicating with Global Clients

One of the main issues with overseas clients is communication. They may be in different time zones and living in a different country, so we cannot necessarily meet with them in person or call them.

In order to ensure projects run smoothly, we communicate with global clients via email, Skype, WebEx and WhatsApp. By using these communication tools, we can keep clients up to date with how the project is progressing and they can ask questions or request changes too.

The global websites we create are optimised for an outstanding user experience and appealing design in all supported languages. We take into account any additional considerations that come with designing a website for a client in a foreign country.

Whether in the UK or abroad, we tailor our website design to the client's needs. If you have any questions or would like to start a project, don't hesitate to contact us.


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