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26 Jan

Goals for 2021

It's a time-honoured tradition to set new year's resolutions, and although we are approaching the end of January, it's not too late to set some goals for 2021. The Dolia team all have things that we would like to achieve this year, and in this blog, we share our goals for both our personal and professional lives.



We find ourselves yet again in really strange times and I guess setting some personal goals and objectives has never been so important to help distract the mind and offer some focus points, whilst there is so much negativity out there with relation to the global pandemic.

My main personal goal is to ensure I maintain good mental health, allowing my mind to take breaks when needed and ensure that I spend as much time as possible with the family and enjoying outdoor spaces. Not really a goal I guess, but, something that I’d like to make sure I do a lot of this year.

2021 Goals Matt

One of my goals this year is to learn to play the piano. I played from the age of 8 or 9 for a few years but then stopped as exams started and ‘life took over’. What better opportunity than now to give it another go. I’ve been enjoying going back over my old music books which are bringing back a lot of memories and am amazed at some of the music I used to be able to play! I have lots to learn!


As a business owner, it’s difficult to sit still and there is always something that you want to work on to tweak, change and ultimately, do better.

This year, I’d like to work on improving some of the internal processes that we have at Dolia, so that we can enhance the overall quality of the services that we offer to our clients. There are lots of small changes that I’d like to put in place, that should come together to provide a really positive boost that will help to improve our output and processes in all areas of the business.

2021 Goals Matt 2



This year I have finally given in and set myself some goals that I usually avoid doing, but this year I am determined to achieve them! My first goal is to work out more… As of 2020, I could count on one hand the number of times I had done a workout since being at secondary school. Since the start of 2021, I have challenged myself to do a workout every other day. With the help of a habit tracking app on my phone, I have stuck to this so far so I would like to keep it up!

2021 Goals Hannah

Another goal of mine is to spend less money so that I can put this towards buying a house in the future. Anyone that knows me would know I spend most of my free time clothes shopping so this is something I want to do less of to make more use of the clothes I already have… Plus, who needs a new outfit in lockdown?! Instead, I have been taking up different hobbies such as embroidery, pottery and origami! Another goal of mine is to spend more quality time with my friends and family (when restrictions allow) – instead of heading straight for a shopping centre at the weekend, I would like to explore more of England and find different activities to try out!


In terms of my work goals this year, my main aim is to achieve a certification in email marketing to improve my knowledge on this channel and improve our email marketing offering for clients. I am already experienced with a variety of email marketing platforms, e.g. AcyMailing, Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor, but by getting certified I will be able to improve on my existing skills and have these recognised. This year I would also like to improve on my Google Analytics knowledge (there is always something new to learn on GA!) as well as mastering the new version of Google Analytics, GA4. Finally, I would like to improve on my design skills using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign – I don’t use these tools too often in my role but it would be useful to have a more rounded knowledge of the Adobe tools and find another avenue to explore my creative skills!



2021 Goals Jess 2

I have to say I love setting goals for the new year and this year is no different. In 2021, I would love to learn to cook some new dishes that I haven't tried before. In particular, I am aiming to try and learn 2 or 3 more Asian and Japanese style dishes as these are my favourite. Alongside that, I am also hoping to spend some more time outside, whether that's finally using my new running shoes I got for Christmas or just exploring my local area.

2021 Goals Jess


One of my main work goals is to continue to advance my knowledge in social ads to help me maximise this tool’s full capabilities for our clients. Therefore, after doing some research last year, I have planned a couple of online courses by Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest which I will be looking to complete in coming year. As the digital industry continues to evolve and grow, I would like my knowledge to do the same. It can be easy to stick with the things you know, but where is the fun in that?



This year, I’ve set myself the goal of becoming more active. I’d like to exercise more regularly, so I’m starting off by doing workouts at home at least once a week. I have combined my love of gaming with fitness and am using Ring Fit Adventure to do my workouts! I would also like to go on more walks - this should become easier once the weather is nicer, so I can get outside more.

2021 goals Emily

Another goal that I have set for 2021 is to redecorate my house and get some new furniture to help make it my own. We have already repainted the living room and put up some new bookshelves in the office so this goal is well underway!


In my working life, one of my goals for 2021 is to expand my knowledge and skills in different aspects of digital marketing. For example, I am aiming to complete a number of online courses on digital advertising to help improve our Google Ads offering for clients. In addition, I want to develop my copywriting skills by continuing to create content for a range of clients as well as for Dolia. Through this, I hope to offer more specialised skills.



For my 2021 personal goal I would like to make sure I continue with my new hobby, walking. Walking has been a great way to keep fit and explore my surroundings throughout the seasons. Another personal goal is to use the time that I am able to, to travel to at least 5 new places I haven’t been before, whether abroad or not.

2021 Goals Alice


My 2021 working goal is that I aim to complete some more coding courses to help further my skills. I would like to keep searching and experimenting with new code designs, playing around and learning new techniques.



I have two main personal goals that I would like to complete this year. The first goal is to finish doing up my project house so we can finally move in. The second goal is to be able to run a half marathon in under 2 hours (without collapsing).

2021 Goals Alice


I usually set myself a lot of work goals for the year, but my main work-related goal this year is to learn a minimum of 4 new coding languages, including languages for software development & Virtual Reality experiences.


Do you have any of the same personal goals as us? We'd love to know! If you haven't set any goals for this year, why not think about what you want to achieve and give yourself something to aim towards? It might help you to make positive changes in your personal or professional life.


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