Brand Design

Give your business the visual identity it deserves with a stunning logo and brand assets.

Brand Design

Brand Design

Branding, it’s personal. That’s why our Brand Design service is all about getting to know you and your business, so that we can begin to put forward ideas and concepts that spark creativity.

A key element of a well-designed logo is its adaptability. Logos need to work well on a variety of platforms, from your website to business cards, print collateral, vehicles, work uniforms and social media accounts.

Whether you are looking for a complete brand transformation, a subtle evolution to something more modern or are starting from a blank canvas, we can help provide your business with a visual identity that packs a punch and leaves a lasting impression.

  • Brand Design Consultation

  • Design Discovery Presentation

  • Logo Design & Visual Identity

  • Colour & Typography Style Guide

  • Corporate Brand Guidelines

  • Branded Print Materials

  • Branded Digital Documents

  • Branded Infographics, Icons & Web Assets

Brand process

Dolia has mastered the process of creating a new brand.

It’s a process that requires time and collaboration, and we work with you every step of the way, from the initial discovery meeting to the launch of your new brand.

Brand Design

Brand Design Packages

We offer a selection of brand design packages to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Whether you are simply looking for a new logo design, or a complete overhaul of your branded materials, Dolia can deliver on your requirements.

  • Evolve

    For businesses looking to make adjustments to their current logo and brand - an evolution and refresh.

  • Foundations

    For new or existing businesses looking to lay solid foundations of a new brand that can evolve in the future.

  • Discovery

    For established businesses who want to refresh or build on their existing brand architecture.

  • Ultimate

    For established businesses looking for a complete brand design overhaul across digital and print media.

  Evolve Foundations Discovery Ultimate
Brand Design Consultation

A virtual or in-person meeting where we get to meet you, learn about your business and capture your brand design requirements.

Logo Design & Visual Identity

Logo creation along with additional assets to compliment your new brand.

Colour & Typography Style Guide

Brand colour palette and font library for use on digital and print assets.

Brand Guidelines

Everything you need to know about your visual identity and importantly, how to and how not to use it.

Design Discovery Presentation

A detailed ‘Design Discovery’ document which explains, in detail, the journey we’ve been on to develop your new brand.

Branded Print Materials

Print materials that are in-sync with your new style.

Branded Digital Documents

Digital documents such as PDF/PowerPoint, that are in-sync with your new style.

Branded Infographics, Icons & Web Assets

Additional brand graphics to compliment your new logo.

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