Search Engine Optimisation

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Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of making improvements that encourage search engines to rank your site higher in their search results, boosting your website’s traffic levels.

The higher your website appears in Google search results, for example, the more visitors it is likely to receive, and therefore the better chance you will have of generating more leads or sales from your site.

It’s all very well having a great-looking website, but if it’s not optimised for search engines, then very few people will be able to find it! That’s why SEO is so important - regular small changes can enable your website to perform to its maximum potential.

It’s not all about keywords. There is a lot that goes into good, effective SEO...

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  • Website Speed & Performance

    Ensuring your website performs as fast as possible.

  • Keywords & Metadata

    Creating a focused set of keywords to maximise organic search rankings.

  • Content Optimisation

    Discovering opportunities for new and existing content.

  • Website Health

    Checking your website is running efficiently to help its appearance in search engines.

  • Competitor Analysis & Industry Research

    Checking in on competitors and benchmarking key site metrics to compare site performance.

  • Link Building & Domain Authority

    Strategically looking at ways to improve the overall strength of your domain name to give your website more weight in search results.

  • Engagement & Behaviour

    Analysing how visitors engage and interact with your website and identifying areas for improvement.

  • Reports & Recommendations

    Providing you with easy-to-read reports that enable you to make informed decisions on future developments and marketing activities.

Our approach

At Dolia, we take SEO seriously - we know it’s not a five minute job. Our monthly SEO consultant service allows continuous work on your website; we tweak it according to Google’s ever-changing algorithms and ranking criteria and ensure that the results are carefully monitored.

Most importantly, we play within Google’s rules so that good ranking positions, once achieved, are sustained, taking care to avoid any SEO techniques that Google outlaws.

We believe that the key to achieving great things is establishing a strong relationship with our clients. This enables us to collaborate effectively on ideas and achieve the best SEO results for your business.

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First steps for SEO

To get started with your SEO, the first thing we need is access to your website and existing Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts.

Historical data is very important when analysing the effectiveness of SEO work, so it’s crucial that we keep as much historical data as possible. If you don’t have existing accounts set up, that’s no problem; we can create the new accounts for you and provide you with access to these too. Website access is also crucial to allow us to action any technical tweaks to the website as we carry out SEO tasks.

Once we have access to your Google accounts, we will add your website to our SEO management platform. This means that we will be notified of any issues on your website efficiently, assisting with our analysis of its SEO performance.

After everything has been set up, it is then time to start on the SEO tasks. In the first month, our main task is to complete keyword mapping on the site, meaning that we will research keywords and assign the most relevant ones to each main page on the website. As our primary task, keyword mapping forms the basis of all other SEO work we complete.

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Take a look through our most frequently asked SEO questions

When will my website appear at the top of Google?

There are many, many factors that will determine if and when your website will appear at the top of Google. The key factors are your domain name authority, keyword ranking performance, competition for your products/services, and the quality of the content on your website. It is impossible to know when or if your website will appear at the top of Google searches, but it is always possible to improve your current search rankings.

I typed in ‘my company name’ - why doesn’t my new website show up in Google?

If you have a brand new website, Google first needs to crawl the website, and once it’s done that, it will add the pages to its search index. Only when the pages are added to the index will the website show in Google’s search results. For larger sites with a high domain authority, Google may index the website within a week or so. But, for smaller and newer websites that have a lower domain authority, this process will take longer - sometimes up to a month or so because they are not crawled as frequently.

How do I know my SEO is working?

The best way to know if SEO is working for your business is to measure the amount of enquiries and sales you are getting each month. BUT, it’s important to measure the number of enquiries in detail so that you know how people contacted you. If they phone, email or call in directly, you need to ask them how they found you – if they say ‘Google’, you know that this is an enquiry originating from the SEO work on your website.

Why does SEO take time?

Organic SEO takes time because there are so many factors that need attention in order to improve the rankings of your website. Even if all the ‘SEO boxes’ are ticked, there is no guarantee of speedy improvements. For example, if the industry is particularly competitive online, then it will naturally take longer for your website to jump up the rankings.

Can I track how our competitors are doing?

Yes, you can. There are different ways of doing this. You can simply type your keywords into Google and see what position your competition is coming up. Alternatively, you can use some paid-for tools to achieve this, streamlining the process and giving you much more data to analyse. (This feature is included in our SEO service).

What is the difference between Organic and Paid results?

An organic search result is displayed when your website appears in Google’s search index, and its position is determined by how Google has ranked that particular page against a keyword search. A paid result is a manually created, paid-for advert, such as a Google Ad, which will be displayed at the top, right or bottom of search results.

What does ‘Domain Authority’ mean?

Domain authority is a measure of the power of a domain name and is one of the many SEO ranking elements. Domain authority is based around three key factors: age, popularity and size. The higher the domain authority (from 1 to 100), the more ‘powerful’ the domain name. Achieving a higher domain authority figure is a key goal in SEO.

Google Ads Management

We also offer Google Ads Campaign Management to help boost your website’s overall search visibility and performance, maximising the traffic to your website.

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