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1. Initial Meeting

We like to meet in person or on skype to discuss all new projects.

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2. Design Brief & Quote

A bespoke quote is provided after initial marketing consultancy.

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3. Planning

We research and gather ideas ready for the design process.

Initial Design icon

4. Initial Design

We start making magic with pixels, and the design emerges.

Present to client icon

5. Present to Client

The first draft design is presented to the client for overview and input.


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6. Add in Content

The bulk of the content is added and formatted throughout the site.

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7. Final Tweaks

Last few additions completed - this is when we put the cherry on top.

Testing Tuning icon

8. Testing & Tuning

All the 'techie' stuff including making sure the site looks great on mobile.

Go Live icon

9. Go Live!

Get the champagne on ice - we're ready to launch the site online.

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10. Support

We're on hand to help you continue to manage and grow your website.


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