Gaiacode marks Dr Cansun Güralp’s return to academic and industrial seismometer manufacturing, 40 years after he invented the world's first ever feedback broadband sensor.

The website needed to have a modern but futuristic look to reflect the revolutionary new range of seismometers that Gaiacode are bringing to the market. Dolia were able to create a state-of-the-art site that gives detailed information on the company's products and capabilities.

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Website Design
Search Engine Optimisation
Brand Identity

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"Extraordinarily user-friendly & attractive site"

Dolia is a professional and serious organisation that has created an extraordinarily user-friendly and attractive website for Gaiacode. The whole Dolia team was a delight to work with, I am very thankful.

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Dr Cansun Güralp

Founder & Director of GaiaCode at GaiaCode
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Brand identity

GaiaCode were looking for a modern, sharp visual identity to set them apart from other companies within the seismic and geophysical instruments industry.

We designed a new logo that is very recognisable, uncluttered and sophisticated.

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